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It's tempting to think that burglary is just something that happens to other people. However, there are around 240,000 burglaries in France every year, or one every 1 minute 30 seconds, and the number is constantly rising. This demonstrates how important it is to protect your home by installing an effective alarm system.

Why install an alarm system in your home?

The main goal is obviously to protect your home from intrusion. There are many types of house alarm and they all function in different ways and offer different modes. An audible alarm acts as a deterrent in 95% of cases, making it an effective system for protecting your possessions. However, your security system can also alert you in the event of an intrusion, by phone or a notification on your smartphone, or be linked to a surveillance company that can come to your property if the alarm is sounded. Integrated into a home automation setup, your security system can even make it seem like someone's at home in the event of an intrusion on your property, for example by opening the blinds or switching on the lights.

Another type of alarm ensures the safety of possessions and people. If it has a heat or smoke sensor, an alarm can be triggered in the event of a fire. When connected to a home automation system, the alarm can then make it easier for the occupants to get out by opening the doors or blinds.

How to choose a house alarm

There are many different types of alarm system for protecting your home: wired and wireless, indoor and outdoor, with or without a camera, with a motion detector or opening detector, etc. So how do you choose the right alarm system based on the size and features of your house? Read on to learn about the different criteria for an effective home protection system.
  • With or without an audible alarm? Although an audible alarm acts as a deterrent, it may be useless if your home is isolated or if you and your neighbours are away. In this case, a system that alerts you even if you're not at home may be preferable.
    - Motion or opening detector? This depends on the layout of your house. A motion detector alarm identifies movements using a radar, photoelectric sensors or infrared. An opening detector audible alarm is triggered if a door window is opened, which interrupts the system's magnetic device. There are even break glass detector alarms. It's up to you to choose the right detector based on the layout of your home.
    - Alarm system with or without a camera? In the event of an intrusion, security systems that have a camera start to record footage, which can allow the police to identify burglars or how they operate. These remote surveillance files can also be given to your insurance company to provide evidence of a burglary. Equipped with an infrared system, a surveillance camera even works at night to provide round-the-clock protection.
    - Indoor or outdoor alarm? By fitting detectors around your house you can identify intrusions in your garden and protect not only your home but also your garage or toolshed for example. Outdoor systems or ones that feature detectors around your home are therefore preferable. This technology also gives you more time to alert the police before burglars enter your home.
    - Alarm compatible with pets: if you have pets, it's best to choose a motion detector or a suitable surveillance camera to avoid triggering the alarm or siren when they walk nearby the detectors. Some systems have features that distinguish between animals and humans.
    - Wireless and wired alarms: fitting a wired alarm system requires minor electrical work in order to install the cable, although they function very reliably. A wireless alarm is easier to install and can be moved later on, as there's no need to move a cable, although you need to make sure that the detectors and unit are properly positioned to ensure a good connection, whether via radio waves or Wi-Fi. If there's too big a distance between the detectors and the unit positioned in the home, the system may not work.
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A foolproof house alarm system

Experienced burglars are aware that homes may be fitted with an alarm system. If one is visible they will try to disable it. You therefore need to choose the right position for your unit, which must not be very visible, and recess the cables for your wired alarm into the wall so they can't be disconnected.

Some alarms alert you if there's an attempt to cut the phone line or the connection, or if a radio scrambling system is used to try to create interference on your radio frequency. If there's a power cut, some alarms have backup batteries to ensure continuous monitoring. If the internet stops working, a multi-operator SIM card inserted into the unit takes over. This SIM card is usually provided in the kit, although not all alarms have one.

What's the benefit of a smart house alarm?

A smart house alarm is a security system connected to the internet that communicates with a computer or with a smartphone or tablet via an app. It may be a presence or motion detector, a door/window opening detector or a smart surveillance camera. In the event of an intrusion, the alarm or remote surveillance system alerts you by sending a notification to your smartphone or via SMS, enabling you to react quickly and alert the police or family members to check on your home.

With this type of system you're alerted in real time if there's an intrusion and can ensure your home is secure remotely. For example, this is very useful if you're away from home and can't hear the alarm! With a smart surveillance camera you can even monitor your home live on your smartphone whenever you like or if you're alerted about an intrusion. This prevents false alarms and stops you from having to call the emergency services unless there's an actual intrusion. You can also switch the alarm on and off remotely, change the options using the app or view the footage recorded.

The only requirements are that your home needs to have Wi-Fi and you need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection where you are in order to receive notifications via the app in real time. If you opt for SMS notifications, you'll need to have a GSM network available in your location.

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