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Connected cameras have become popular on the video surveillance market by offering innovative services such as sending alerts to your smartphone, motion detection and facial recognition. But why exactly is it useful to fit a surveillance camera in your home? And what are the security benefits of a smart camera?

Why install a video surveillance camera at home?

Even if you think you've properly secured your home with sturdy doors and windows, there's rarely a zero risk of intrusion or burglary. Given that over 250,000 burglaries are recorded every year in France by the Ministry of the Interior, it's easy to see why it's so important to monitor your home. This is why surveillance cameras, which weren't nearly so prevalent in the past, are increasingly used by individuals to improve their home security.

A surveillance camera is an essential tool for ensuring that your possessions and the people in your home are protected. It allows you to monitor your property and prevent intrusions, theft or damage. Indeed, a surveillance camera plays several roles. When visible and particularly when placed outside it serves as a deterrent, meaning that less determined intruders will leave in search of an easier target. They can also be used to monitor premises remotely and in real time if connected to a monitor at a surveillance company or to a smartphone in the case of a connected camera.

When paired with an alarm system it can also trigger an audible signal when it detects an intrusion. Lastly, if a break-in still takes place, the footage recorded can be used to identify the culprit or spot the failings in a home security system. Video footage can also be used as evidence of a break-in for an insurance company.

What is a connected camera?

A connected camera is a system that forms part of a smart home setup. This usually wireless surveillance device is used to monitor your home remotely via the internet. A connected camera is linked to an app that you can open on your smartphone or tablet. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to remotely operate the camera, watch the footage recorded or check in real time on everything happening around your home if you have an outdoor connected camera or inside the home if you have an indoor camera.

No mere gadget, a connected surveillance camera is a powerful tool for remotely monitoring a location. The integrated motion detector alerts you when an intruder enters your home by sending a notification to your smartphone or mobile device, thereby allowing you to quickly respond, intervene or immediately notify the police.

Indoor connected cameras are available for installation inside the home. These are equipped with a motion detector and start filming as soon as a person enters the room. The most advanced models feature a facial recognition system that means the camera doesn't switch on the video function under "normal" conditions (i.e. if you and your family are home), only if an unidentified unknown person is present.

You can also install an outdoor camera to detect the presence of intruders even before they enter your home. This can be used to secure not only your home but also any outbuildings and your garden to protect them from theft or damage both day and night. Discover all our products

The benefits of a connected surveillance camera

Whether it's installed indoors or outdoors, a connected camera has many advantages over a standard camera.
  • Connected cameras warn you in the event of an intrusion
This is true whether you're at home or a few miles away, provided you have an internet connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network). As soon as a connected camera detects a presence, you receive a notification on your smartphone and can watch the video in real time to see what's happening. If there is an actual intrusion, you can then alert the police or notify someone at the location, who can scare off the intruders.
  • The camera only records footage if there's an event
Instead of continuously filming, a connected camera with motion detection only records footage if a presence is actually detected. This means you only use limited storage space on your server or in the cloud, archiving is made easier and you can re-watch footage of the day's key events in a few minutes on an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Watching images via the app
Unlike a standard camera, which requires you to install software on your computer to watch the video, all you need is your smartphone or a mobile device to access each recording whenever you like.
  • Easy installation
A connected camera is wireless and works via the internet and a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it easy and quick to install. You don't need a professional to install the camera, and even outdoor installation is very easy if you're using your camera as a replacement for an outdoor lighting system. You then just have to connect your camera to your home Wi-Fi network and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Outdoor connected cameras offer targeted detection
An outdoor connected camera allows you to monitor the area around your home and provides a clear picture of what's happening outside. Not only are you alerted if there's suspicious movement, the camera app also tells you what kind of intrusion has been detected: a vehicle, animal or person. This means you don't have to panic if unintentional motion is detected (caused by a wild animal for example) and you only have to take action if the situation really calls for it. A camera that allows you to define the detection zones is also ideal for excluding thoroughfares or public areas around your home.

Other benefits of an indoor connected camera

The best indoor connected cameras feature a facial detection system. This means the camera doesn't take any footage if it sees a familiar face (family, friends, cleaning lady, etc.), only if an unknown person is detected. This stops the camera from recording video unnecessarily and safeguards your family's privacy. The camera can also recognise your pets to avoid unnecessarily alerting you on your smartphone.

The most advanced connected cameras are compatible with home assistants like the Google Assistant and the Apple HomeKit. This allows you to interact with your camera via the assistant's voice system and integrate your video surveillance products into a wider smart home system.

Netatmo's indoor smart camera also improves home security by alerting you when an alarm goes off in your home. If your camera detects that your smoke alarm or burglar alarm has been triggered, you'll immediately receive a notification on your smartphone. This allows you to be quickly informed in the event of danger and to respond quickly.

How to choose a connected camera

Many different types of connected camera are available. To make the right choice you'll need to assess various criteria that determine the reliability and effectiveness of your detection and recording device.

Opt for a camera that has high-quality night vision to record clear images even when it's dark and enable intruders to be identified. Infrared LED lighting is also ideal for discreet surveillance and very clear night vision. Outside, choose a connected camera that has a floodlight: this can act as a replacement for outdoor night lighting and can light up the area if necessary.

The quality of the video footage is key. Choose a camera that has a good range, high definition and high video resolution. Full HD 1080p recording is perfect for good-quality video, as well as for clear images when zooming in using the app.
If you're buying an outdoor camera, choose one that's weather-resistant. Although all of these features obviously affect the price of a camera, the quality of the detection and system is key to protecting your possessions and ensuring peace of mind.

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