Atmosphere thermostat

It isn't always easy keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Lost heat due to poor insulation, air currents and doors or windows being opened can quickly lower the temperature by a few degrees and make a room less comfortable. Conversely, a room can become overheated just by switching on the oven or using an electronic device. All of these temperature differences mean you need to constantly adjust your boiler or radiators, which again means it's either too hot or too cold.

That's why most boilers today are fitted with an atmosphere thermostat that regulates the amount of heat produced in order to achieve a pleasant and consistent temperature in your home.

What is an atmosphere thermostat?

An atmosphere thermostat is a regulating device that allows you to control the temperature in your home. There are many different models and solutions for this type of heating: individual boilers or communal boilers, electric heating (radiators, underfloor heating), oil or gas boilers and hydraulic heating systems (hot-water boiler, heat pump).

The way an atmosphere thermostat works is simple: all you have to do is enter a setpoint temperature for your home and the thermostat automatically adjusts the boiler to maintain this comfort temperature in a room. If the thermostat's thermal sensor detects a drop in the temperature, the boiler switches on; then once the setpoint temperature is reached the boiler is switched off to avoid overheating the room. These adjustments are made automatically and you don't need to adjust the boiler or radiators during the day.

The French environment and energy conservation agency (ADEME) recommends a setpoint temperature of 19°C for a comfortable temperature in your home without spending too much on your energy bill.

The different types of atmosphere thermostat

There are many different heating regulation products available for all types of boiler (electric, oil, gas or hot-water) and with different levels of regulation.
  • Non-programmable wired atmosphere thermostats:
This type of atmosphere thermostat is the most basic heating regulation product. Connected to the boiler by a cable, it measures the ambient temperature using a thermal sensor and adjusts the running of the boiler accordingly. With this type of atmosphere thermostat the setpoint temperature is always the same and you can make modest savings.
  • Non-programmable wireless atmosphere thermostats
This type of wireless atmosphere thermostat works via radio waves or infrared and communicates with the boiler through a receiver placed inside it. It's very easy to install and can be placed wherever you like in a room.
  • Programmable wired atmosphere thermostats
A programmable atmosphere thermostat allows you to both regulate and program your boiler, meaning you can set up your heating based on defined timeslots. This lets you program a different temperature for different times of the day, depending on whether you're at home or out, thereby avoiding having the heating on unnecessarily when no one's at home. You can also program a lower temperature at night, as 16 to 17°C is usually sufficient in bedrooms when people are asleep. This type of programmable atmosphere thermostat, with at least two heating programmes (comfort and eco), allows you to make substantial energy savings.
  • Programmable wireless atmosphere thermostats
This wireless regulating product also allows you to make energy savings by more accurately regulating the running of your boiler based on defined temperatures and timeslots. Because it's wireless, you don't need to be particularly good with electronics or electricity to fit one, and you can place it in the most suitable position in a room, as wireless programmable atmosphere thermostats usually work via radio waves.
  • Smart atmosphere thermostats
A smart atmosphere thermostat is a latest-generation product in heating regulation. It has the same benefits as wireless programmable atmosphere thermostats - the temperature regulation and programming feature and easy installation - and also offers other features. It lets you regulate your heating very precisely, usually to the nearest half-degree, and allows you to set up several heating programmes: eco, comfort and night to suit your lifestyle. Smart atmosphere thermostats are also connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, meaning they can be remotely controlled on a smartphone or tablet using a management app. Smart atmosphere thermostats are one of the most popular smart home accessories for consumers who want to save on their energy bill. Discover all our products

Installing an atmosphere thermostat

To regulate your heating effectively, your atmosphere thermostat needs to be in the right place. Position it in the main room in your home, or at least one of the rooms that's used the most often. It should be positioned on a wall at a height of between 1.20m and 1.50m off the floor.

An atmosphere thermostat needs to be placed away from air currents, as well as any heat source (heating, radiators, powerful lighting, electronic devices, etc.) to avoid affecting the temperatures read by the thermal sensor and therefore the effectiveness of the heating regulation. This is why a wireless atmosphere thermostat is often preferable to a wired atmosphere thermostat, which needs to be placed fairly near the boiler or requires alterations to your home so that the cable can reach the desired location.

Some heating regulation accessories can also be placed on a piece of furniture rather than on a wall, which is even more practical if you want to move it later. If you choose a wireless atmosphere thermostat you should nevertheless make sure the thermostat's radio waves have sufficient range.

Even more comfort and savings with thermostatic valves

Although you can make energy savings by fitting an atmosphere thermostat, you make even more if you choose a programmable product, whether it's a standard or smart version. According to the ADEME, this allows you to save up to 25% on your heating. You can also use thermostatic valves, which when fitted on the radiators in every room allow you to adjust the heating in your home even more accurately thanks to room-by-room management. These products are the essential companion to atmosphere thermostats and can cut your energy bill even more.

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