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Connect your hub to Netatmo Products

GARDENA smart system is a complete IoT solution for gardening that extends the smart home concept to the garden. Netatmo Presence integrates with the GARDENA smart system.
From their GARDENA smart system app, Presence users are now aware of what happens in their garden.

Gardena partner
partner accuweather

Improving weather forecast accuracy

Accuweather accesses to Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station network data to enrich its meteorological sources.

“Netatmo has the world’s largest smart home weather station network, it was a very good addition to our profesional sources. We were able to retrieve measurements from places where no data was available before. We use Netatmo Weather to get this massive amount of data in real-time.”

partner wetter

Offering new local weather features, the leading weather portal in German-speaking Europe, uses Netatmo Weather program to provide new local weather features to its users.

“We dramatically expanded our weather network by integrating Netatmo’s smart home weather station network. This allows our users to look at ultra-local weather data, analyze trends, and compare with neighboring private and public weather stations.”

partner orange

Connecting your smart devices

Orange designed its Homelive service to fullfill its userbase need for a seamless smart home solution. They used Netatmo Smart Home to enrich their hub with the Weather station and the Thermostat.

“Smart devices are making users life easier, helping them save time, money and energy and benefit from more comfort. We wanted to offer our customers our integrated solution and let them choose freely the smart devices they want among the best in the market. As the European leader of the connected thermostat, Netatmo was a priority partner.”

partner ifttt

Creating intuitive interactions

IFTTT gives you creative control over the products and Apps you love.

“We were looking into expanding our home automation channels. Considering Netatmo’s leading position, we set up a partnership with them. Using Netatmo Smart Home program, it was easy to add the Netatmo product range to our service and our users now enjoy over 160 recipes.”

partner iberdrola

Working towards greener energies

Iberdrola users can now enjoy the advantages of the latest in efficient technology and start saving energy with Netatmo Thermostat. Iberdrola uses Netatmo Enterprise, to learn more about their customers and know about their energy consumption habits.

“We are very sensitive to environmental issues and are always looking into greener ways to supply energy to our users. Netatmo Thermostat is a great path towards a smarter use of our world energy resources.”

partner engie

Inventing new services

Engie is now a proud retailer of Netatmo Thermostat. Thanks to Netatmo Enterprise, they can both collect in bulk and analyze their customers thermostat data in real-time.

“We want to help our customers save energy to face the environmental challenges of tomorrow . We need to build new innovative data-driven services to do that. Netatmo Enterprise is an easy and fast way to get relevant energy data to invent new models.”

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