What is a thermostatic radiator valve head?

A thermostatic radiator valve head is a really useful asset to your home radiators, in order to control the temperature in your home. It’s simple and quick to install thermostatic radiator valve heads onto the hot water radiators in your home. Thermostatic radiator valve heads enable you to better control the temperature in your home, generating improved energy efficiency. This enables you to save on your home heating, as well as to better protect the environment. There are a range of product types for thermostatic radiator valve heads, all at reasonable prices.

Thermostatic radiator heads, a key element of the thermostatic radiator valve

You might have heard of thermostatic radiator valves, an economical and energy saving solution that you can attach onto your radiators at home. These radiator valves help you to heat your home to exactly the right temperature and bring your heating bills down in the process. But did you know that thermostatic heads are directly linked to these valves?

Thermostatic valve heads sit on the radiator valves themselves. Cylindrical in shape, thermostatic heads are made up of multiple parts. In combination with the valve itself - which is attached onto your hot water radiators at home - the valve heads allow you to regulate the temperature in your home.

Small devices that often feature a white painted, chrome or nickel design, radiator valve heads are a subtle addition to your home heating system. Giving you greater control over the heating temperature of every radiator in your home (even radiator towel rails!), thermostatic radiator valve heads optimise your heating and energy efficiency, as well as your potential savings on your heating bill.

Plus, we shouldn’t forget that being able to effectively control the heating level in your home provides better levels of thermal comfort via your central heating system. What’s more, more modern thermostatic radiator valves and valve heads will enable you to program your home heating so that it’s set at exactly the temperature you need.

Overall, lowering your heating consumption means lowering your heating bill - better for you and better for the environment.

To optimise your heating usage even more, why not install Netatmo Smart Thermostats on your home radiators? These radiator valve heads allow you to remotely control, adjust and program your home heating right from your smartphone or tablet. Optimise your home heating comfort, your energy usage and your savings on your heating bills!

Should you opt for manual or digital thermostatic radiator valve heads?

In general, there are two product types of thermostatic radiator valve heads: manual thermostatic radiator valve heads and more modern digital thermostatic radiator valve heads.

Manual thermostatic radiator valve heads

As the name would suggest, manual thermostatic radiator valve heads are entirely non-digital, so can’t be programmed remotely to control the heating temperature in your home. Manual thermostatic radiator valve heads are the lowest priced thermostatic radiator valve heads. As such, they are widely used to control home heating.

Manual thermostatic radiator valve heads can be used to adjust the heating output of a radiator. In general, there are around 5 temperature positions (from between 5 and 23 degrees centigrade) that you can choose from to adjust your home heating. Plus, there’s often a frost protection setting for the coldest periods of weather.

Manual thermostatic radiator valve heads are very easy to install on your home radiators. You can then benefit from more efficient energy consumption and savings on your heating bills, all for a low investment in the thermostatic radiator valve heads themselves.

Digital thermostatic radiator valve heads

More modern, less common and with a higher price tag, digital thermostatic radiator valve heads combine the plus points of manual thermostatic radiator valve heads with the type of digital thermostat product that you’d usually find controlling heating for a whole room.

In terms of controlling heating temperature with a given room, digital thermostatic radiator valve heads offer you wider options for adjustment and efficiency regulation.

Digital thermostatic radiator valve heads offer very high precision, to half a degree in temperature difference! Programming digital thermostatic radiator valve heads is quick and easy to do and can be done on an hourly or weekly basis, depending on your temperature preferences.

Digital thermostatic radiator valve heads allow you to remotely program your home heating, even while you’re outside the home. Imagine: you can program your heating temperature to exactly the right level so that it’s set up for you when you get home from work or a holiday! Plus, you can reduce the heating down when it’s not needed.

Have you heard about Netatmo Smart Radiator Thermostats? You can remotely control your heating levels with unparalleled precision, room by room.

How do thermostatic radiator valve heads work?

Thermostatic valve heads operate in tandem with the valves themselves. A liquid within the valve heads expands according to the heating level in the room. The valve head works according to this temperature variation.

Hot water flow rates are then adjusted to regulate heating temperature room by room. By reducing your heating by just one degree, you could save some 7% on your heating bill! As such, thermostatic radiator valve heads are a handy option for all round efficiency.

Thermostatic radiator valve heads: replacement and price

Thermostatic radiator valve heads come in at a relatively low price, paving the way to savings on your heating bills via greater temperature control. When your thermostatic radiator valve heads no longer work, replacement is quick and easy.

Remember, you only need to sort the replacement of the thermostatic radiator valve heads, not the entire thermostatic radiator valves.

You can even buy replacement heads separately from entire thermostatic radiator valves - just make sure that the valve heads you purchase are compatible with your existing thermostatic radiator valves.

Thermostatic radiator valve heads are handy solutions to reduce your energy consumption and bring down your heating bills. A low purchase price and a modern, subtle design (usually in white, chrome or nickel) make these devices a quick fix for optimising your home heating temperature.