Discover the new Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

In 2016, Netatmo launched its Smart Outdoor Camera to allow to easily secure the whole propriety. Today, we wanted to offer more choices to our users. To further increase their home protection, Netatmo’s Research & Development teams, have been working for several months to develop an innovative product: the Smart Outdoor Camera with Sirens.
At Netatmo, listening to our customers is essential. That is why, to develop this new Camera, we drew up a set of specifications based on their feedback.
The Outdoor Intelligent Camera with Siren thus offers a new functionality by allowing to trigger a powerful and dissuasive siren when our users consider it necessary.
So, we leave the choice by offering 2 products: the new Outdoor Smart Camera with Siren and the Outdoor Smart Camera.

How was the Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren born?

Some of our users told us about their need to be able to scare off an intruder. Our R&D team succeeded to create a simple and reliable product with useful functionalities.
A built-in 105 dB siren
We integrated electronic components with existing mechanics while obtaining excellent acoustic performance.
An app still free and ergonomic
Like all products in our security range, the Outdoor Camera with Siren can be controlled/managed from the Netatmo Security application.
We integrated this new feature into the existing application to give you the choice to trigger the siren remotely and manually. To do so, the user interface was reworked and optimized for easy access to the function.
Guaranteed updates
The Outdoor Camera with Siren operating software has been optimized to simplify updates. Thus, we can guarantee access to new functionalities and compatibility with third-party applications, whether for Outdoor Cameras with or without a Siren.
Secure data
The Outdoor Intelligent Camera with Siren has been designed in accordance with Netatmo’s high security standards, in order to guarantee the respect of your privacy and the security of our products.


All the new features of the Outdoor Intelligent Camera with Siren for your house security

Our users can enjoy a whole new customer experience with the intuitive and powerful Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren:
– A deafening siren of 105 dB, a frequency particularly sensitive to the human ear, used to effectively scare off intruders and warn the neighborhood;
Two products in one, you avoid the installation of a surveillance camera and an independent siren. In less than one hour for installation, you benefit from both an outdoor camera and a siren, only one electrical connection is necessary.


And still, like the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Smart Camera, key features:
Smart notifications and real-time alerts on your smartphone. If a person or vehicle is detected on your property, the Smart Exterior Camera with Siren knows the difference between a person, an animal, a vehicle or a harmless movement;
– A built-in Intelligent Outdoor Lighting with automatic or manual activation for a check or to light your way;
– A timeless and elegant design, similar in every way to that of the Outdoor Intelligent Camera without siren to maintain the exterior aesthetics of your home;
– An easy do-it-yourself installation as a replacement for an outdoor luminary ;
No subscription fee is required. All features and updates are accessible to all. Videos and data are stored locally on the SD card free of charge to ensure that information is available 24 hours a day;
– A full compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control and optimized scenarios (“Ok Google turns on the garden light”);
– The Netatmo Camera is designed to last over time thanks to its UV protection and HZO weatherproofing standard.


A complete and tailor-made security offer to meet all your needs

With a growing range of security products, Netatmo offers you to compose your own security system according to your family needs and your home configuration.
Thus, the Intelligent Outdoor Camera remains available, while the new Intelligent Outdoor Camera with Siren is an additional choice. The price of the Outdoor Smart Camera with Siren is €349.99. You can order it today on
So that you can easily compose your home security system, all Netatmo Security products can be controlled thanks to the same app to be installed for free on your smartphone:
– The Smart Alarm System with Camera protects your home from intruders with a very complete alarm system composed of its Smart indoor Camera, its Smart Door and Window Sensors to be placed on doors and windows and its Smart Indoor Siren which sends you notifications in real time;
– The Smart Smoke Alarm sends real-time smoke alerts direct to your smartphone.

Protect your home with the Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

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