Netatmo Smart Home Bot: when Artificial Intelligence revolutionises the connected home

Netatmo, the revolutionary smart home company launches the Netatmo Smart Home Bot, a personal assistant who manages connected home. Accessible via Messenger, Facebook’s messaging service, the Netatmo Smart Home Bot understands the homeowners and answers their needs. Users can interact with all their Netatmo connected products.

With the Netatmo Smart Home Bot, the home understands its occupants

Today Netatmo unveils its Netatmo Smart Home Bot, a personal assistant simply controlled through text messages on Facebook Messenger. The Netatmo Smart Home Bot marks a technological breakthrough in the smart home field. Using its Natural Language Processing algorithms, the Netatmo Smart Home Bot understands the users’ demands, responds to their requests and controls each Netatmo connected object in the home.
In this way, users can manage all their Netatmo and “with Netatmo” products through text, even when they are not at home.
With the Netatmo Smart Home Bot, the user can simply send a message to find out who is at home (“Who is at home?”), what the weather is (“What is the current weather like?”) and even control actions like turning on the lights (“Turn on the light”) or changing the temperature (“Set the bedroom temperature to 23 °C”).
Smart Home Bot - Netatmo scenario
The Netatmo Smart Home Bot learns from its exchanges with the user to improve its understanding and efficiency.

Fred Potter, CEO and Founder of Netatmo

“The home can now communicate with its occupants and act accordingly. For example, the order ‘I am leaving’ will turn off the lights, close the shutters and activate the highest level of surveillance for the security cameras. With the Netatmo Smart Home Bot, we provide our customers a personalised smart home experience”, explains Fred Potter, CEO and Founder of Netatmo.
Netatmo’s products are already compatible with leading personal assistants, such as Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enabling users to interact with their residence by voice control. With the Netatmo Smart Home Bot, Netatmo allows users to control their home by text via a unique interface.
“Thanks to typed commands, we provide users with greater mobility and privacy. People don’t necessarily want to use voice control in public transport or at the office. They can now text to discreetly ensure that everything is running smoothly at home”, highlights Fred Potter.
Smart Home Bot - Netatmo

Personal assistants

Whether activated by text or voice commands, personal assistants can perform repetitive tasks for users – and improve efficiency. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, they can now understand human language.
As a result, the number of unique active users of personal assistants has doubled between 2015 and 2017 to 710 million individuals[1]. This figure could rise to 1.8 billion by 2021[2].
“Artificial Intelligence marks the transition from the connected home to the smart home. Users can at last interact with their home, which understands their needs and their habits.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we are now able to provide users with new scenarios tailored to their lifestyles”, explains Fred Potter.

Effortless setup

The Netatmo Smart Home Bot setup is straightforward: users can simply start a conversation with the “Netatmo Smart Home Bot” from their Messenger app.

Availability and compatibility

The Netatmo Smart Home Bot is free and the beta version is already available in English. Other languages will follow in 2018.
The Netatmo Smart Home Bot is compatible with all Netatmo products and their accessories, as well as any “with Netatmo” product.

Try the Netatmo Smart Home Bot

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