Netatmo improves the security of your home with new features such as the Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, the Indoor Siren and the Smart Opening Detectors

Going to work, on a holiday or going for dinner at a friendsare moments of uncertainty where someone may try to break into your home and steal from you. As such, it is imperative that you do all you can to fortify the security of your home. Netatmo offers Security solutions with intelligent indoor and outdoor cameras, and alarms. Our latest addition will enhance the safety of your homes through greater communication between devices in their security range. Never again can criminals slip under the radar unnoticed. 


How does Netatmo secure my home ?

Netatmo’s Security range lets you monitor your surroundings both inside and outside of your home.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Cameras and Indoor Siren entail:   



For those who want to keep an eye on their property, the intelligent outdoor camera has been created  to detect movement and notify you of anything suspicious in real time. 

With your smart phone or TV, you can see the live feed from your Smart Outdoor Camera anytime. 



In addition to the external surveillance of your home, monitoring what goes on inside your property is equally important. 

Netatmo’s Intelligent Indoor Camera instantly alerts you if there are intruders on your property and also recognizes the faces of your family and pets. 

The Intelligent Indoor Siren sounds at 110 dB to complement a formidable defense against intrusion. 

Your safety also depends on the windows in your home. Netatmo’s Intelligent Opening Detectors notifies you if there is any unusual activity detected outside your window. This includes movements around a window, or an attempted break-in through one of them. 


From now on, make sure your home is always secure by ensuring all your devices :Cameras, smart sirens and detectors are integrated with each other. 


  • How great it is to know you can scare off burglars when they enter your home via the settings on ourIntelligent Home security cameras and sirens . If your Indoor camera detects an intruder in your home, it will automatically trigger the siren of your Outdoor Camera to scare away the intruder and alert your neighbors. 


  • Your home will be protected from possible intruders by the Intelligent Opening Detectors that are able to detect a trespasser trying to open any of your doors or windows, triggering the alarm on the intelligent outdoor cameras. 


  • Giving a loud alert signal to neighbours through the simultaneous sound of both the Intelligent Indoor Siren (110 dB) and the Intelligent Outdoor Camera Siren (105 dB)  


Netatmo has made it a priority to not only secure your home, but also keep it an environment that one is comfortable in. With the emergence of new features such as Cameras, Opening Detectors and Indoor Sirens, there are now various methods for Netatmo products that allow you to customize what goes on inside of your own home so it can be a safe haven for you.

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