Home: how to deter burglars when you’re on holiday?

In a few days or weeks, you are going on a trip. This long-planned break promises you a real moment of relaxation away from home. However, you have a few questions about this last point. Because of the risk of burglary, you don’t like to leave your home unattended for too long.
Despite this, it is still possible to escape without stress and go on holiday in complete safety. Here’s how to do it and which security measures to take to deter burglars .


Burglars and their habits

In 2019, the total number of households that were victims of burglary in France was slightly up on the previous year, with 234,300 crimes committed according to information provided by the Ministry of the Interior. No fewer than 12,000 of these were recorded in Paris alone.
But, whatever the case, do you know how the burglars who try to break into your home operate? If you want to go on safe holiday, you might as well anticipate and try to thwart them.
The vast majority of burglars scout before acting. In other words, they try to determine which houses are unoccupied and for how long, or simply the hours of absence – to go to work, for example – of the occupants.
Because it is easier to break, 80% of criminals enter through the main door, which they most often break in between 2 and 4 p.m., or during holiday season.


Two cautions are better than one

Whatever the area mentioned, as you probably already know, two precautions are better than one. When it comes to protect home, it is even recommended to multiply security measures in order to limit the risks as much as possible. This is especially the case if you are planning a long stay in France, Europe or anywhere else in the world. The watchwords? Discretion and organization.


Keep a low profile on social media

To go on safe holiday, the first thing to do is to be discreet about dates and duration of your absence, especially on social networks.
Indeed, on the internet it is quite complicated to limit the scope of information and to know who really receives it. So if you don’t want your destination or the length of your stay to be known by everyone and especially by potential burglars, don’t announce it, neither on Facebook nor elsewhere.


Do not give your departure date

Likewise, avoid announcing too widely around you that you will be absent during August weekends or the May holidays.
If you are asked about your next holiday dates – neighbours, local shopkeepers… – be vague and never give the exact period when your house will be empty. This advice can be applied all year round.


Hiding valuables

Before leaving, even for a weekend, take a tour of your property or apartment and take the necessary measures to protect your valuables.
Precious jewels, watches, technological objects, tablets, computers, cameras and of course cash, will at worst end up in the drawers of the house, at best in a safe deposit box, at home or at the bank.


Close doors and windows tightly

As you make a list of items to be confined in a safe place for the next few days, take the opportunity to check the strength of the locks in your home.
Lock doors, windows and shutters must be perfectly airtight to ensure your peace of mind. Going on holiday in complete safety means first and foremost, being able to lock your home properly.


Entrusting your keys to someone close

When you go on a trip or a weekend, your property often remains unoccupied. To fill this obvious void, consider giving the keys to someone close to you.
Parents, grandparents, friends or neighbours, can come daily or several times a week, open the shutters, pick up the mail in the letterbox and from time to time if you are planning a long trip, take care of the garden. These outward signs of activity discourage prowlers and reduce the risk of intrusion.
Note that it is possible to have your mail forwarded to your holiday destination or ask your postman not to deliver it for a certain period of time. To do this, contact your regular post office.


Have your home guarded

Did you know that? Some companies offer house-sitting services that are often useful during the holiday season. They can be private individuals or senior citizens, paid or unpaid. However, be careful, the agency that puts you in touch will always charge you a fee. During their hours of presence, these people can take care of your animals left on site (fish, chickens…), your plants or do a little cleaning.
Also think about the house exchange! This interesting and often free solution is one of the first tips to follow, especially as it also has a responsible aspect. You take care of your guests’ house while they take care of yours. Goodbye empty houses, hello peace of mind, especially if you are dealing with the same family over and over again.


Check the coverages included in your home insurance

This is the last important point not to neglect, especially if you are going away for an extended trip. Just as your travel insurance can help you in case of a problem in a foreign country, a few days before departure, review with your insurance company the benefits offered and the risks covered. Amounts and options can be adjusted at any time to best reflect the value and nature of your belongings.
It is worth noting that it is worthwhile, if necessary, to take out “garden insurance”, which takes into account more precisely the elements outside your home.


Devices designed to optimize home security

More and more, technology allows everyone to be autonomous. This is particularly the case for the protection of real estate. Alarm, camera, remote surveillance or smart home automation, everything is good for taking the necessary measures, limiting risks and going on safe holiday.


Prefer a complete video alarm system

For your home, you are looking for a complete equipment that allows you to keep an eye on your home at all times and to scare off a possible intruder, even when you are not there. With its simple and complete approach to video surveillance, Netatmo offers you to go on holiday in complete safety, thanks to the installation of its Smart Alarm System with Camera:
• Tranquillity of a complete video equipment thanks to Netatmo’s, Smart Indoor Camera, Smart Door and Window Sensors and Smart Indoor Siren.
• Anticipation with a real time alert at the first vibrations of the Smart Sensors placed on each door and window.
• Reactivity of a high-performance video alarm system which, in case of detection of strangers by the Smart Indoor Camera in your home, sends directly to your smartphone an alert accompanied by a video.
• Easy setting of the Smart Indoor Siren for automatic triggering in case of intrusion.
• Easy to install yourself in a few minutes and without difficulty. Place your camera in the entrance, install the siren next to it and stick the Smart Sensors on the potential entrances to be monitored. Finally, download the Netatmo Security application and you are protected.
Note that once installed, the system automatically activates and deactivates itself when you leave or return to your home thanks to the facial recognition of the Smart Indoor Camera. You can also control it with the connected speakers Amazon Echo with the app Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Its operation with no subscription fees and free local storage is also perfectly secure thanks to storage on SD card provided with the images and videos captured.


Using the intelligence of home automation

The interest of connected cameras
Whether you live in a house or an apartment, some surveillance cameras able to communicate via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network with your smartphone, help you secure your home for an affordable price. Is someone trying to get in while you’re away? You will automatically receive an alert and the corresponding images. An alarm sounds somewhere in your home? The relevant information is transmitted to you and a notification is displayed again immediately.
The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera can be installed in a few minutes and alerts you in real time on your smartphone in the event of an intrusion in your home. You can then take the measures that you think are appropriate, including notifying the police immediately, wherever you are in the world and therefore even when you are on holiday.
The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren extends protection to your entire property, including your garden. Day and night, this intelligent device differentiates between pets, vehicles and people, whether they are allowed or not. So you are never disturbed for nothing, but always assured of being warned in case of intrusion. You can then act immediately by triggering the 105dB alarm built into the camera.
Create home security routines
This is about using technology as a decoy. Normally, the biggest deterrent to criminals entering your home is your presence. So why not simulate it in your absence?
Home automation and connected objects give you the possibility to create operating routines. Ask your connected Amazon or Google speaker, to automatically switch on lights in the living room or even the television. You can also use a simple program configured from your smartphone. If your equipment allows it, you can even open and close the shutters as you wish.


Installing an alarm

The burglar alarm is one of the devices most often found in private homes. Appreciated for its models available at all prices, it emits a powerful siren, effective to deter burglar. Relatively simple to install, it comes in different models to select according to your needs or budget.

Leave your home with peace of mind

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