How to choose a security camera?

Do you want to ensure the security of your home and don’t know what type of outdoor security camera to choose? If you’re currently thinking about getting equipped, you probably have the dilemma: classic camera or wireless camera?
Live streaming, accurate alerts, smart notifications…are reasons to quickly opt for a wireless camera.

1. Why Get a Wireless Security Camera?

Presence on Wall DayA wireless security camera lets you monitor your house in real time and even remotely with your smartphone or tablet.
Live streaming with the application lets you view what’s happening on any device, at any moment. You can scroll through past-recorded sequences and download selected videos.
With a wireless security camera, you receive immediate alerts if a presence is detected. It’s perfect for reacting quickly, informing the police and avoiding break-ins and damage to your property.

2. When Does the Camera Film?

Wireless security cameras do not simply continuously film, they detect movement on your property and alert you in the case of a break-in thanks to real-time notifications.
The most efficient cameras can distinguish between vehicles, animals and people. This stops you from unnecessarily worrying and lets you quickly react if needed.
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3. How Am I Notified?

Depending on the security camera model, you can be directly alerted on your smartphone.
If you only want to receive notifications when necessary, you can choose a model that lets you set detection areas. This lets you choose areas where you’d like to receive an alert if a presence is detected, like your driveway or garden shed.

4. Is the Camera Easy to Install?

There are now camera options that are easy to install, without needing specific electrical skills. Security camera models that can replace outdoor light fixtures offer quick installation, without needing to call a professional.
To facilitate the installation, choose a ready-to-use outdoor security camera. They come with packs that include a camera as well as a mount kit, and a memory card if needed. There are cameras on the market that let you DIY without additional purchases!

5. How to View Recorded Images or Videos?

There are several options to view the videos taken by the security camera:

  • If you opt for a classic security camera, you will have to install software that registers the recordings on your PC.
  • If you purchase a wireless security camera, an application will allow you to view videos 24/7 on the medium of your choice: smartphone, tablet or PC.
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    6. Where Are My Videos Archived?

    Some brands offer a monthly subscription fee to view videos. Make sure to choose a security camera with free data storage and no additional fees tied to accessing the camera’s information.
    Ideally pick a camera that lets you choose between storing your videos locally on a microSD card or automatically storing videos on your cloud or both.
    Choose smart security cameras that only film when presence is detected and not continuously, to reduce the length of recordings.

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