How difficult is it to install a smart security camera?

Installing a security camera can seem complex, but there are simple and effective solutions to ensure your home’s security and be reassured in the event of intrusion or burglary. To choose the right surveillance system, it’s important to consider three main points: reliability, cost and easy installation.


What’s the best solution for your home security?

Today, there are two types of security systems to protect your home:
Remote monitoring, a complete security system in which surveillance is continuous and remote controlled by a private company. This solution spares the user from monitoring their home but involves significant installation fees, plus a monthly subscription.
Video surveillance, which allows you to monitor your home yourself, without professional assistance. Nowadays, there are smart video surveillance systems. Linked to a mobile app, they let users remotely monitor their house and immediately alert them in case of intrusion. Sometimes these smart cameras require a subscription to take advantage of all their features (video storage, access to history, etc.). You thus pay the subscription cost in addition to the initial purchase price of the security camera. Some cameras, like Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera and Smart Outdoor Camera, include access to all features without charging subscription or additional fees.



Installing your own smart camera is easy

It’s easy to install your own smart camera. No need to be a seasoned DIY enthusiast or have professional material, you just plug in the device and connect it to Wi-Fi. It takes only a few minutes to install and all you have to do is follow the user manual provided by the manufacturer to choose the device’s location and put it into place. Many brands also offer video tutorials to make installing their products even easier.
The other advantage of a smart camera system is that it’s scalable. For example, you can start by installing a simple independent camera and complete its security system later with additional cameras. You can thus develop your surveillance system according to your needs, while avoiding too costly an initial investment.


Another solution: call on a professional

Although cameras are easy to install in the home, some people prefer to call on a professional. This can be useful if users are installing several cameras or if they need advice to optimise their home security. In this case, it’s important to choose a service provider who is trained in installing smart security systems and familiar with the relevant product specifications. For this reason, Netatmo has created a network of expert professionals who are trained in installing products from its Security range. By choosing a recommended local service provider, users are guaranteed the best service and advice for setting and using their camera.
The keys to making the right choice are now in your hands! Whether you choose to install your security camera yourself or call on a professional, a security camera will allow you to effectively protect your home.

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