How can you keep an eye on your second home… when you’re not even there?

There’s nothing better than going away for the weekend or on holiday to escape from your day to day routine… But who will keep an eye on your second home?

Changing your surroundings is even more necessary if you’re stuck in the same town or at the office for most of the year.
For the past few years, the number of Americans owning a secondary property in the countryside on top of their main residence had grown. In 2016, 10.17 million people owned a secondary house in the US. However, a secondary residence can often be a source of anxiety when it’s left unoccupied for a while. You’ve got to maintain it, keep it secure and track the weather all year round!
So just how can you keep an eye on your second home when you’re away? Here’s some of our advice to keep you ‘connected’ to your home away from home!

3 tips for looking after your holiday home

1.  Track the weather in real time

Weather is unpredictable, but that’s nature for you. When you go to your second home after a long period of absence, it can be difficult to know what you’ll find: has the garden been destroyed in the high winds? Has the rain finally found its way through the roof? Or has the sun been too strong and dried up your garden?
Controlling the weather is still a job for a superhero. However, taking a few measurements of your own and adapting how you look after your property is well within reach! The Netatmo personal weather station provides ultra-local, on your doorstep level tracking of weather conditions.
When linked to your smartphone, the Station measures temperature, humidity and external air quality. Thanks to its weather forecasts, you can know at a moment’s notice if it’s worth visiting your second home for the weekend.
The rain gauge can also measure the local amount of rainfall, allowing you to adjust your plant watering when you arrive, or even to prepare and prevent your swimming pool from overflowing.

2.  Save energy

Saving energy and reducing your bill at the end of the year is no longer a thing of the future: everyone can do it.
Of course, the first thing you should do is unplug all unused devices each time you leave your second home: the fridge, the oven, the TV… But what about the boiler and the radiators?
Picture the scene: after many hours on the road, 8 bathroom breaks and almost as many coffees, you’ve finally arrived at your chalet in Vermont. But you’re not really comfy just yet: it’s cold and like always it’s going to take a few hours for things to warm up.
The Netatmo Smart Thermostat follows a timetable so it only heats when necessary. You can program it wherever and whenever to guarantee that when you arrive, your home is nice and toasty.
On the other hand, perhaps your second home is in the Rocky Mountains and you’re worried about the big-freeze being predicted all over the region? Control your heating, wherever you are, from your smartphone or computer and let your worries melt away.
Whatever your situation, planning your energy consumption in advance will make you feel good. What’s more, it’s good for the planet and even better for your wallet!

3.  Monitor your property wherever you are

So do you want to keep an eye on your holiday home… from the office? Relax, that doesn’t mean you’re paranoid, just prudent. In fact, it’s actually pretty common: over the past two years, the market for personal surveillance cameras has been booming.
Worrying about your second home is normal, and whilst you shouldn’t spend your time fearing the worst, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what’s going on when you’re not there.
The Netatmo Presence security camera, when installed on the outside of your house, uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect cars and animals. In real time, the camera can analyse if a person is approaching your property, if a car has driven into the driveway or if a dog is playing around in your garden. Presence understands what it sees and can notify you with the precise details if ever anything happens around your house.
There’s no need to imagine the worst, but this system is a very practical way to keep an eye on your property. You can even use the camera to plan what work needs to be done around the house when you get there… Perhaps it’s finally time to mow the lawn?
So, whether you’re 10 or a 1000 kilometres away, getting connected to your secondary home has never been so easy!


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