Growing a Smart Garden with smart connected objects

Would you like to grow a smart garden? Don’t panic, smart home solutions are going outdoors to help you take the right decisions and – most importantly of all – plan ahead! In a few easy steps, you can create an ideal environment for your plants.  


The secret to growing healthy plants in all seasons is to monitor changes in the weather and protect your smart garden. Connected objects such as personal weather station or security camera could help you get to know your environment better and gather key data.


Keep up with the weather

Humidity and temperature are two gardening basics. The Netatmo Personal Weather Station gives you access to accurate temperature, humidity and pollution measurements. You don’t need green fingers any more – just check your smart garden app.


Is there a risk of frost? Your Outdoor Station module will provide you with real-time weather data from your garden. Protect your delicate pot plants by bringing them indoors. Don’t forget to do the same in hot weather. Remember: take your plants outside again gradually to avoid leaves being burnt by the sun.


Protect your garden

Precautionary measures are the best answer to insects and animals, especially if you want to avoid using chemical products.


Protect your plants against gastropods and promote biodiversity with small wooden fences. Flowers like nasturtiums or Indian marigolds attract aphids that will then leave your vegetables in peace. Hedgehogs are efficient against slugs but other wildlife can destroy all your efforts in just one night.


With wild boars or badgers looking for food, fences are not always enough. So why not get an outdoor security camera? Netatmo Presence lights up when it detects animals and can frighten them away.


And if your little guests turn out to be bolder than you thought, you can always identify them on the camera and find the perfect solution for your garden. You can also check the footage to see rare wildlife in its natural habitat, like this user of Netatmo Presence:




Make your garden smarter!

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