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Each year in England, around 30% of domestic fires and 35% of fatal domestic fires occur in dwellings that are not equipped with a smoke alarm1. During a fire, a room can reach 600°C in just three minutes. Although a glass of water can extinguish the fire in the first minute, a bucket of water is needed after two seconds and a whole tank after three2!


Why Choose Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm?

There are many traditional or wireless smoke alarms on the market. Although they all have the same purpose – detecting an outbreak of fire in a dwelling to alert the occupants before the fire spreads – Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm is a forerunner in many respects.


• Real-time alerts on your smartphone
A traditional smoke alarm warns occupants when smoke is present in the home through an alarm signal. As soon as the device detects smoke, the alarm sounds.
But what happens if you’re not home, or are simply in the garage or garden? Netatmo’s Smoke Alarm alerts you with its 85-dB alarm – useful for waking up sleepers, given that 70% of deaths due to fire occur at night. You receive the real-time alert directly on your smartphone, as do your loved ones. This is a security guarantee allowing you to react quickly and to intervene even if you’re not on the premises.


• A very long-life battery
Many smoke alarms are fitted with a battery that only lasts a few years. This means that you have to regularly change the battery, which signals that it needs replacing through a sound signal. Knowing that many fires break out in homes where smoke alarms no longer have a battery, long battery life is essential.
Unlike most wireless smoke alarms currently on the market, Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm has a 10-year battery life3. Once installed, you are sure of being alerted in case of fire for an entire decade. After that date, it is recommended to replace any type of smoke alarm. What’s more, unlike other smoke alarms, you no longer have to worry that it will regularly go off during the night when it’s running low on battery!



• Easy installation
Unlike other smoke alarms, which can be difficult to install, Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm is wireless and extremely easy to install. You just have to attach it to the ceiling then download the application on your smartphone. Delivered with a mounting kit, this smoke alarm lets you comply with law and guarantees the safety of your home and its occupants in minutes.


• Guaranteed smooth functioning
According to law, it is up to the occupant of the dwelling, owner or tenant, to regularly check the proper functioning of the device after it has been installed. Smoke alarms also have a sound test button to verify that the alarm is in good working order. You then have to remember to check.
The advantage of Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm is that it constantly tests the battery level, smoke sensor and Wi-Fi connection. You can view automatic verification reports at any time, directly from the application. In the event of an anomaly or when the smoke alarm is approaching its end of lifetime, you immediately receive an alert on your smartphone. With this system, you can be sure that the alarm will sound in case of fire and you know that your home is well protected. Netatmo additionally recommends carrying out the Smart Smoke Alarm sound test at least once a year. In order to help users remember to carry out the sound test, Netatmo enables them to set a sound test reminder notification directly in the application.


How Much Does Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm Cost?

Netatmo’s Smart Smoke Alarm is available from the Netatmo shop for £89.99 (or €99.99).

Better protection for your home with alerts sent to your smartphone and a 10-year battery*

[3] Lifespan for typical use. The battery’s lifespan may vary based on the use of the Smart Smoke Alarm. For further information, please go to:


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