7 ways to protect your home while on holiday

Netatmo recommends a few precautions to go on holiday with peace of mind. Here are a few tips on how best to protect your home against the risk of burglary.

1 – Opt for smart security cameras

Thanks to their Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Welcome and Presence bring home security to a whole new level. Instead of the usual monitoring systems that require a human analysis, Welcome, the indoor security camera, sends a notification in real time on the user’s smartphone saying that an intruder has been detected.

2 – Install presence simulators

For the outside, Netatmo’s Presence outdoor security camera features a floodlight that comes on automatically if movement is detected to put off potential prowlers. It can also be switched on manually remotely via an app, to deter burglars.
To suggest that someone is home, you can set a timer to randomly switch on lights or turn on your radio and your television.

3 – Ask your neighbours to check on your apartment or house

Make sure there is no suspicious activity around your home. They can also make sure that doors and windows stay closed and pick up your post. An overflowing letterbox is a sign to others that nobody is home.

4 – Hide valuables

Keep your valuables in a safe or hide them to ensure they cannot be seen through windows of rooms that do not have shutters to protect your home.

5 – Lock all entry points before leaving

Have a three-point locking system installed on the main door to reinforce it. Bay windows, garage doors, upstairs and downstairs windows should all be closed carefully.

6 – Do not leave keys in obvious places

Such as under a doormat, in a flower pot or in the letterbox. It is better to leave them to someone you trust, like a neighbour or friend.

7 – Remain discreet

Never indicate that you are away, even for a short period of time, or post your holiday dates on social networks. Burglars often check information shared through social media.

Discover our camera and keep your home safe during holidays

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