Why Install a Smart Thermostat?

Are you about to install a new heating system or are you looking for a solution to reduce your heating bill without foregoing comfort? Have you thought about installing a wireless smart thermostat? It offers remote control, consumption tracking, heating optimisation…all by convincing reasons to invest in a quick cost-effective solution!

The Smart Thermostat: Thermal Comfort’s Best Friend

While constantly heating your home makes us feel good, it’s a pity to unnecessarily heat it at night or when absent. There are two types of smart thermostats: the programmable smart thermostat and the wireless smart thermostat. A programmable smart thermostat stabilises the temperature, while a wireless smart thermostat, remote-controllable, adjusts your house’s temperature according to your needs, without lifting a finger.
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What features does the Wireless Smart Thermostat have?

More convenient than the programmable thermostat, the wireless thermostat remotely controls heating through a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Thanks to Netatmo’s Wireless Thermostat, you can even set a program adapted to your lifestyle, to heat at the right temperature and at the right moment. The absent and frost-free functions let you reduce your energy consumption during holidays, while ensuring that you return to a warm house.

Is the Wireless Thermostat Easy to Install?

Have you already installed a lamp or switch? It takes less than an hour to install Netatmo’s Wireless Thermostat!
Once it’s installed, you set the temperature on your thermostat and program your heating according to fixed time slots. With Netatmo’s Wireless Thermostat, your heating schedule is personalised simply by answering 5 questions about your lifestyle. From then on, you’ll never have to worry about your heating!

How long until the wireless Thermostat pays for itself back?

When we think about installing a smart thermostat, we also think about energy savings. This is because heating represents more than half of your energy bill. According to the ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Management of Energy), energy savings can exceed 20% if you opt for a wireless smart thermostat.

With Netatmo’s Wireless Thermostat, save on your energy consumption to heat your home. You choose the heating schedule best suited to the situation, even when you’re not at home. By changing, when necessary, from comfort mode to night or eco mode, you save significant energy over the winter.
The most efficient wireless thermostats also let you choose between several programs and even take into account your house’s insulation and the outside temperature to anticipate heat loss and consequently adjust the heating.

Control your heating remotely


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