House renovation: it’s time to make your home smart

Spring usually announces the beginning of planning to renovate and add value to your home. Do you want to do energy saving, home improvement or modernisation work? Do you want to self build parts of your home ? Why not take the opportunity to make it smarter, more secure and even reduce your energy consumption? The home renovation work will provide you with peace of mind, comfort and real added value to your property.


So it’s time to ask yourself the right questions about project, works, design and cost:
What house renovation work would you like to undertake?
• Are they repairs, upgrades, improvements, design ideas, destruction or renewal of equipment?
• If so, would you like to replace your installations with smart, secure and durable devices that you can easily install yourself?
• Have you estimated the cost of this house renovation project and how you will save money by implementing it?


Once your project and priorities have been defined, you can start renovating and improving your home. To help you think of a modern, safe, comfortable and smart home, Netatmo offers innovative and easy-to-install solutions. Products that allow you to carry out the desired works and transformations yourself, without having to call on a specialized installer.


Do work in the house and reduce energy consumption

Insulation works are a priority when you are considering rehabilitating your property. They are among the most cost-effective renovation projects for individuals. Please note that there are various aids available to assist you in carrying out your renovation work and save money. Make sure you get information on this point.


Insulate your home

To keep the summer cool and the heat provided by your heating system throughout the winter, insulation work should be considered.
Insulating your roof guarantees your well-being and the durability of your home. Rehabilitation of the roof is an important house renovation project. It should be done preferably on sunny days in order to provide for the installation of an under-roof screen, but also, why not, roof windows. In fact, there are solutions available to help you make your new roof windows smart. Indeed, with the smart solution VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, you benefit from a healthier indoor environment thanks to smart sensors that will monitor key air quality data (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels) and control your roof windows according to them. Maintenance, defoaming and/or replacement of damaged roof tiles, can be carried out throughout the year by planning renovation work.


Optimize your heating system

Do you heat with wood, fuel or a heat pump and want to optimize the performance of your installation? As part of the energy renovation of your home, you can equip your home with a Smart Thermostat that will add value to your property.


The Netatmo Smart Thermostat allows you to save money on your energy bill without sacrificing your comfort. Indeed, you can create your own schedule adapted to your lifestyle in order to heat your home only when necessary. In addition, thanks to its Auto-Adapt function, the Smart Thermostat is able to take into account the insulation of your home as well as the outside temperature in order to anticipate the start of heating. Thus helps you to reduce your energy consumption over time. You will also receive your monthly Energy Savings Report to track your energy consumption.


Do you have a collective heating system? In this case, why not renovate your installations by investing in Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves? Equipped with an open window detector, room-by-room planning, absent mode and a smart control option based on sunshine and room occupancy, they allow you to regulate the temperature in each room of the house and thus improve your comfort.


By renovating your installations, you can also overhaul your boiler, have the smoke exhaust duct cleaned, or have the radiator circuit cleaned and purged.


Renovating your home and making it safer

The front of your home is a support that is continuously weakened by time and weather. Building regulations recommend to maintain it every 10 years. This requires careful stripping before applying a new coating or repairing cracks.


And since you’re going to partially expose the exterior wall of your home, this is the ideal time to install one or more new security devices. With Netatmo’s Smart Outdoor Camera, control the surroundings of your home from your smartphone even if you’re not at home. Unlike other outdoor surveillance cameras, the Netatmo camera distinguishes between people, cars and animals, and thus prevents you from getting unwanted alerts.


Complete your security system with the Smart Indoor Camera and be immediately alerted in case of intrusion into your home in your absence. It incorporates facial recognition technology. This allows it to recognize faces and alerts you in real time if an intrusion is detected in your home, with photos and videos to support it. This makes your home safer.


The autonomous smoke alarm is easy to install at home. Smart and equipped with a battery with an average life of 10 years, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm helps you better protect your home. In the event of a fire in your home, you immediately receive a notification on your smartphone, which allows you to intervene even when you are not at home.


A renovated and smart house for more comfort

Feeling good at home is essential. Whatever the season and weather, it can be interesting to monitor the various indicators that have an impact on air quality in your rooms.


To ventilate your home properly, it is essential to open the windows wide every day for at least 10 minutes, morning and evening, even in winter. By planning house renovation work, it is possible to install different types of single or double flow controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) and ventilation grilles in the house. Make sure they are installed mainly in the rooms where humidity is most present, namely the kitchen and bathroom.


Netatmo has designed a Smart Home Weather Station that indicates, among other things, the temperature and humidity level inside and outside your home, and also analyses the quality of the air you breathe. It can be equipped with a Rain Gauge, which measures the amount of rainfall. Coupled with the Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves, the Smart Home Weather Station optimizes your comfort. Indeed, the Smart Thermostat takes into account the outdoor temperature readings of the Smart Weather Station to anticipate the start of heating. Smart heating solutions adapt precisely to your home, its insulation and your needs, for even greater comfort.

Smart heating for your home
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