5 steps to look after your heating system during summer

Your heating system during summer deserves also your full attention. Here are a few steps in order to look after it and to prepare for the next winter season.

1 – Do I need to service my boiler?

To avoid any risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or house fires, your boiler requires an annual service. Regardless of your type of boiler (gas, coal, wood, heating oil…), checking, cleaning and configuring your heating system during summer properly allows you to save energy while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. With less demands for annual boiler service by professionals in the summer compared to the winter season, take advantage of the summer to carry out a complete service of your boiler.

2 – Should I turn off my thermostat?

To ensure that your Netatmo Thermostat does not activate the boiler despite a drop in ambient temperature, it is recommended to leave it in Frost-Protection mode or OFF mode. Thus, you can always check your Temperature History. Want to save your thermostat batteries? You can remove them from the case after making sure that it is not « on-demand. » However, it is not recommended to turn off your Thermostat in geographical areas where it can freeze even during summer.

3 – Is it recommended to bleed my radiators?

Due to dust and air accumulation in the pipes, over time, radiators are less efficient. In order to avoid having a noisy heater which partially heats, it is recommended to dust and bleed your radiators at least once a year, especially during summer.  In conclusion, you will avoid overconsumption, heat will spread more efficiently in the interior and you will extend the life of your radiators.

4 – How to save more on heating costs next winter?

Saving money on heating also involves regular thermal insulation testing of your home (windows, doors, gaskets, etc.). You can also do the cleaning of air intake grilles and the double-flow mechanical ventilation. Nowadays, new systems exist to measure your energy consumption and to help you plan your heating habits, such as the Smart Thermostat. For example, the Netatmo Thermostat adapts to your way of life to heat your home only when necessary. Thus, you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

5 – When should I place my heating oil order?

To anticipate the oil supply of your boiler, you must have an adequate estimate of your annual energy consumption. Therefore you will take advantage of heating oil prices. With an average of 800 to 4000 litres of heating oil, refuel your tank when the level drops to 25%. Equipped with an electronic gauge or a gauge with alarm, new boilers avoid oil storage. Remind you to fill your tank before winter season, in order to take care of your heating system during summer.

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