Heating, a source of arguments among 1 in 3 couples

Couples can’t always find a mutual agreement when it comes to setting the ideal temperature at home1. Smart heating solutions make it easier to manage the indoor temperature, helping couples to find a common ground.


Ideal temperature: a question of point of view

Home temperature is a source of disagreement among couples. Men tend to turn down the heating, while women are more sensitive to the cold. Actually, they tend to turn it back up when their partner isn’t looking2. This makes sense: women say that their ideal temperature is 24-25°C. It’s two degrees higher than for men3.



With smart heating solutions, heating is no longer a sore subject for couples. In fact, partner can adjust the temperature to suit their habits and lifestyle without compromising on comfort. It also achieves optimal energy use.


One Netatmo smart heating solution user shared her experience: “I am very sensitive to the cold and it’s often a source of arguments with my partner. He always thought it was too hot. I was afraid the gas bill would go through the roof. Discussions about the heating are a thing of the past now that we’ve installed a Netatmo Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves. I’m warm and our heating bills have evaporated.”



A solution to decrease the fight … and your energy bill!

Netatmo heating solutions can be fitted to all types of individual and district heating systems. The Netatmo Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves offer several features that allow owners save energy to heat their homes:
– A heating schedule based on users’ habits, so they can benefit from the right temperature at the right time.
– Remote control via smartphone, tablet and computer.
– The Away and Frost-Guard modes that can be scheduled to reduce user’s energy consumption during holidays, while ensuring their home is warm enough when they come back.


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Stop fighting about the home temperature with our Smart Thermostat and our Smart Radiator Valves

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