3 tips to save more on your energy bill this winter

Sunny days are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to give your house a makeover. Here are three expert tips to improve your insulation and ready your home for the winter season!

The mild temperatures of spring make it the perfect time to tackle home renovations. First, you need to assess your home insulation and list your energy losses to improve your energy balance.


Energy assessment

Poor insulation can cause problems around the home such as moisture in the air or on your walls, cold inside your home, and draughts around windows or on the floor. Make your home even cozier and save money on bills by giving it a makeover this spring.
First step: ask a certified professional to perform a comprehensive energy consumption analysis of your home.

Where are the sources of heat loss? Is your home properly equipped?


Insulation: a crucial step toward an energy-friendly house

Roofs, attics, and windows are often the main reason for energy loss – up to 25% of heat escapes through walls.

Check all of your windows and doors to see if they correctly sealed. Light a candle and hold it close to the window frame. If the flame flutters, a breeze is entering the room. If you need to reseal your windows use rigid foam or silicon insulating materials.

For the attic and ceilings, you could do the work yourself or call on a professional. Insulate your walls from the inside for an economic and convenient solution. This is the best solution for anyone living in an older house or if your house frontage is in a good condition.


Invest now to save money on your next bills

Now that the heating system is off, it’s a good time to check on your boiler and call in your heating engineer to replace your old thermostat.

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat allows you to heat your home only when necessary, based on your routine. It can save energy by analyzing your insulation, your house’s specific heating requirements and the outdoor temperature.

Check your saving potential online by entering information on your home. This smart investment will cut your bills and the carbon footprint of your home!


Get ready for this winter and save energy

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